Revisiting Romania – Dress and Identity

Revisiting Romania - Dress and Identity

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Date: 17/05/2015 - 06/09/2015
Time: All Day

Location: Balcony Hall Gallery

Revisiting Romania – Dress and Identity

Join us for a weekend of Romanian traditions and crafts at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, occasioned by the opening of ‘Revisiting Romania: Dress and Identity’, a major exhibition celebrating the ancient, sophisticated art of Romanian traditional outwear and fabrics.

Special guests: Ovidiu Lipan Ţăndărică and the world famous 10 Prăjini Brass Band.

Featured artists: Ioana Ieronim, Fiona Sampson, Mihaela Bădescu, Paul Buţă, Daniel Leş, Irina Sârbu, Matt Bacon,Vasile Cozma, Paul Moylan and Bogdan Văcărescu.

Revisiting Romania

Saturday, 4 Oct 2014 – Sunday, 6 Sept 2015, Balcony Hall Gallery

Revisiting Romania: Dress and Identity explores how Romanian folk art has been Revisiting-Romania---Dress-and-Identity2used to express identity and nationhood in Romania in the 19th and 20th centuries, including its use as a political tool during the Ceaușescu years.

Many of the objects were donated in 1957 following an exhibition at the Horniman, which was organised from behind the Iron Curtain.

The exhibition highlights the elaborately decorated textiles, costumes and artefacts used in Romanian peasant homes to showcase women’s skill and industry, to display a family’s social connections and to express national pride.

It reflects the fascination and enchantment felt by visitors on seeing the textiles of Romania, explores the way in which the upper classes adopted peasant clothing, and looks at how the meaning attached to textiles – particularly costume – was manipulated under the Ceausescu regime to promote national unity.

This weekend programme, a true celebration of  Romanian traditional culture, inaugurates the opening of ‘Revisiting Romania. Dress and Identity(4 Oct 2014 – 6 Sept 2015), the largest exhibition of Romanian folk costumes ever showcased in the UK, presented by the Horniman Museum in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and with the support of the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation.

  • When: Saturday, 4 Oct 2014 – Sunday, 6 Sept 2015,
  • Where: Balcony Hall Gallery, St Martin’s Place, London, WC2H 0HE

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