Peter Strickland’s Atmospheric Romanian Cinematheque

Peter Strickland’s Atmospheric Romanian Cinematheque

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Date: 22/05/2014
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Institutul Cultural Român

The Romanian Cinematheque features Peter Strickland‘s impressive debut Katalin Varga, a greatty tale of violence and revenge. Made over a long period of time and financed entirely by independent sources, the film went on to win the Silver Bear in Berlin and The European Film Academy’s Discovery of the Year award in 2009.

Banished by her husband and her village, Katalin Varga is left with no other choice than to set out on a quest to find the real father of her son, Orbán. Taking Orbán with her under pretence, Katalin travels through the Carpathians where she decides to reopen a sinister chapter from her past and take revenge. The hunt leads her to a place she swore she would never set foot in again.

Prior to this, Reading-born writer/director Strickland made a number of short films including Bubblegum and A Metaphysical Education. He also founded the musique-culinary group, The Sonic Catering Band in 1996, releasing several records and performing live throughout Europe. The band also released field recordings, sound poetry and modern classical in very limited vinyl editions.

Katalin Varga is a brilliantly atmospheric Hungarian-British-Romanian production
The mother, played with electrifying presence by Hilda Péter
– Nick James, THE OBSERVER

Haunting, eerily beautiful

Quite remarkable
David Parkinson, EMPIRE

The atmosphere and execution is nothing short of remarkable
From the very first frame, Katalin Varga commands your absolute attention

Romania/ UK / Hungary 2009 | 82 min
Cast: Hilda Peter, Tibor Palffy, Norbert Tanko, Melinda Kantor, Sebastian Marina, Roberto Giacomello, Laszlo Matray
Romanian & Hungarian with English subtitles

When: 22 May, 7pm
Where: RCI London
Free entry.